Alas de Oro Gallery

Eduardo Alarcón Orozco

Painter, Lawyer and Self-taught Plastic Artist


«A new beginning, reborn after the coma induced to our consciences»
… enjoy, live, love.

Eduardo Alarcón Orozco.

Welcome to 2021

«The world is moved by invisible things like love …»

For this tour around the Sun, Alas de Oro selected the infinite possibilities that new beginnings give, the rebirth that appears after seeing everything that the confinement left us.

Now “Resurrection” is a new polychromatic, bright and fluorescent proposal that becomes poetry and lines that transport us to the opportunity that being alive offers us.

This year we propose to draw the lines, routes and paths to perceive that emerging art becomes an indispensable element in our challenge to pursue among the remains left by the pandemic.

Eduardo Alarcón Orozco

Renewed airs to straighten the course towards what projects us to recreate, imagine and pursue everything that dignifies us as a human species, with love and with the search for the truth that is in us.

Programs and Events

Exhibition at the Angelopolitano restaurant-gallery

Eduardo Alarcón Orozco presents his exhibition «Resurrection», at the Angelopolitano restaurant-gallery.

Enjoy the flavor of Chef Gerardo Quezadas and the best traditional Puebla food in Mexico City, in an artistic and inspirational environment.

This spring season, the exhibition «Resurrection» by Eduardo Alarcón Orozco is mounted inside the restaurant to offer diners and the general public, different views on the subject resurrection, in which, from his works, he shows us that rebirth -with the multiple forms that life has- is present on a daily basis.

Exhibition at SophArt

Eduardo Alarcón Orozco exhibits part of his 2021 collection at the SophArt Gallery, in commemoration of World Art Day.

From April 15, 2021

Exhibition at M.A.D.S. Art Gallery

Eduardo Alarcón Orozco exhibits part of his collection at the M.A.D.S. Art Gallery in Milan, Italy.

From June 25, 2021

Exhibition at MundoArti Virtual Museum

Eduardo Alarcón Orozco exhibits part of his collection at the VII International Exhibition of MundoArti Virtual Museum, in Valencia, Spain.

VII International Virtual Museum Exhibition

From July 29, 2021